Just as tattoos vary in size, color, depth in the skin, method of application and the time elapsed since they were applied so too do the effects vary with the individual. Moreover there are a number of ways to remove tattoos, some well known, others less well known.

Not only do treatments vary in cost but they also in effectiveness, and in some cases there can be side effects ( natural tattoo removal creams being a notable exception).

Tattoo on shoulder and backAnother consideration is the time it takes to go through the tattoo removal processes as usually a number of treatments are required. On the other hand sometimes people have a short-term need to conceal a tattoo (for example, for a job interview or a social function) whilst others may wish to have their tattoo modified to be more in keeping with their current circumstances or lifestyle.

It follows then that tattoo removal treatments can depend on the individuals, their circumstances, their available time, their ability to pay for various treatments, the skin texture, their tolerance of pain or discomfort, their susceptibility to allergic reactions, and so on.

One of the effective tattoo removal treatments easily overlooked is the use of natural products which can often be found in kitchen cupboards at home. Maybe this treatment can be overlooked on account of its simplicity and absence of advertising glamor. But the creams (which can easily be made at home) produce good results without side effects and, of course, because they are natural they are also an environmentally friendly solution. To learn more about these natural methods of treatment click on the links at the end of the Home page.

Laser Tattoo Removal and the Costs

Probably one of the most widely known methods of treatment for the removal of tattoos is laser tattoo removal. However not all laser treatments are the same, with several types having different wavelengths making them suitable for various pigments. Yellow and green pigments are the most difficult to remove. For optimal or complete removal usually multiple laser treatment sessions (between three and twelve or more) are required and spaced at approximately 6 week intervals. Size of tattoo is also a consideration as is its age and where the tattoo is, such as in cosmetically important areas (i.e. eyebrows or face). Local anesthesia is not always necessary.

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Manufactured Tattoo Removal Creams

Manufactured tattoo removal creams, lotions and gels are also used for removing or fading away tattoos. Wrecking balm contains natural ingredients. But for manufactured products it is important to research the ingredients as some products have been known to contain dangerous chemicals. Moreover it is necessary to be alert to the concentrations of the chemicals used. For a further discussion on the use of tattoo removal cream Click Here.


Though not favored nowadays dermabrasion has been used for the removal of tattoos. It is not without risks and is seen as a last resort.

Tattoo on man's armCryosurgery, also known as cryotherapy has also been used in tattoo removal. Basically it gets rid of unwanted skin issues by freezing them off. Then the area is sanded through dermabrasion to remove the top layers of skin. Cryosurgery has its drawbacks making it an undesirable procedure.

Another method of removing tattoos is by means of excision which involves removing the tattooed skin by means of surgery followed by closing of the wound by stitching or by skin applying grafts. Excision has both advantages and disadvantages and requires the assistance of an anaesthesiologist which therefore increases the costs significantly. And, as with almost all other methods for removing tattoos, scarring can result.

Whenever one considers how to remove one’s tattoos an important consideration is likely to be the costs involved. The article ‘Tattoo Removal Costs: Analysis of Options can be a useful guide in this regard and it can be found here.

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