Tattoo Cover Up – Get it Done



Tattoos can be wonderful expressions of art, but they can also be cumbersome. Because tattoos are permanent and cannot be changed, they can be a hurdle when faced with certain situations in which tattoos are not acceptable. Work or school guidelines sometimes prohibit visible tattoos. It can be considered rude to attend a formal or family function and be covered in tattoos. For people with tattoos, it would sometimes be nice if they could be covered up in a certain way, without having to lose their tattoos.

There are also some people who get tattoos and end up disliking or regretting them later. However, they don’t want to lose their tattoos and would in fact like to have more. They just happen to have a tattoo that they ended up being unhappy with, and would like something different. For whatever reason, sometimes people with bad tattoos would like to somehow cover theirs up, in whatever way possible.

Alternatives – covering up or transforming tattoos

     Covering up a tattoo

Covering up a tattoo

Fortunately, there are now several alternatives to tattoo cover up and most of them are quite simple and easy to obtain. It really depends on the needs of the customer, price range, and what type of product is preferred. Tattoo cover up can refer to two different things: the act of completely concealing, or covering up, tattoos, or the act of merging new designs into existing tattoos to create a completely new tattoo and cover up the old one. Tattoo cover up, in whatever capacity, is very useful for the people who want to keep their ink instead of completely getting rid of it.

Nevertheless, sometimes ink can be hard to keep. Imagine getting an incredible job opportunity. This is the dream job, a steady job with benefits, good pay, and most of all an actual interest to succeed in it. However, the workplace dress code is strict and no visible tattoos are allowed. Imagine having a number of visible tattoos, getting this great opportunity, and finding out that tattoos have to be covered up or somehow gotten rid of in order to work there.

Cosmetic products

Laser removal might not always be an option. Some people simply cannot afford the costs of laser treatments. The good thing is there are several products available that can cover up a tattoo to the point of invisibility. Various cosmetic products claim to cover up tattoos effectively and are relatively inexpensive. For example, Sephora carries the Kat Von D line, which includes two makeup items that can be used to cover up extensive tattoos. Other cosmetic lines, such as Tattoo Camo or drugstore brands, also do much of the same thing.

Cloth sleeves

For those that don’t want to use makeup, there are other products available that can cover up tattoos without having to permanently get rid of them. Products such as Tatjacket Cover Up Sleeve and Ink Armor are cloth sleeves made out of lightweight, skin colored material that completely conceal a tattoo. The sleeves are made of a flexible, stretchy material similar to bike shorts or dance tights. This material makes sure the sleeves fit snugly without constricting and conceals tattoos comfortably.

Changing or covering up tattoos

Sometimes tattoos do not need to be concealed, but changed. Some people find that they have outgrown certain tattoos. They might not be able to afford to remove them, or simply might not want to. Tattoo cover up can also be used to change certain tattoos and make them into an entirely new design. Covering up tattoos this way is very intricate and requires much skilled effort. It is not enough to simply cover up a tattoo with ink, but instead to merge designs until something else starts to evolve.

A new design that will meld

When getting a tattoo, ink is deposited into the lower layer of skin. When doing tattoo cover up work, the new ink does not cover up the old ink. Rather, it is more like mixing the two pigments together. It is important to choose a design that will meld with the existing images more than simply cover them up. This makes the tattoo look natural and gets rid of the offending tattoo. Fortunately, there are plenty of talented tattoo artists that can successfully cover up a tattoo to make a beautiful new design.

Tattoo cover up can consist of concealing a tattoo or transforming it – either way, it is a great way for those who have tattoos and love them to keep on having them. Tattoos and certain places just don’t match. The options that tattoo cover up methods offer can keep tattoos intact while still changing them.


If, however, you decide for whatever that you want to get rid of that once-prized tattoo then there are creams  for getting rid of a tattoo. Manufactured creams (and gels and lotions) can be purchased or you may wish to make your own 100% natural tat removal cream with the assurance that it won’t have any side effects. stokke scoot