Tattoo Concealers – Do They Work?

One of the hottest trends among the young adult demographics is tattoos and body piercings. They look great in almost any environment, but with an increasing number of employers complaining about tattoos, tattoo concealers have become very popular. What are they, and how do they work? Let’s take a few moments to consider the benefits, as well as possible complications, in the use of concealers for hiding your tattoos. By the time you reach the end of this article we hope that you will be better informed and have a good idea of how to use this type of product.

 What are they?1406M

Concealers are a type of makeup used to hide certain skin tone abnormalities, blemishes, and to enhance beauty. They have been used for decades by women and Hollywood stars to improve their appearance. But with an increase in the number of people with tattoo “sleeves” an equal share have been looking for a convenient way to conceal their tats from others when they are in a setting where tattoos are considered inappropriate. This may include one’s place of employment, church, or even when in the presence of certain old-fashioned family members. The best options are known as “tattoo concealers”.

 Matching your skin tone

A tattoo concealer has many of the same elements as a regular concealer, but comes in a much heartier formula which is also faster drying, and looks completely natural. The most important thing is to match your skin tone. Most tattoo concealer kits come with several shades for you to either use straight out of the bottle, or by mixing with the other shades made available to you. Take your time to create the proper shade, and apply a small amount to your skin. Even if you believe that you have found the proper shade, always ask for the opinion of a friend or someone you trust. A fresh eye from an objective party can help prevent any potential embarrassment from having an incorrect shade, which will make you stand out unnecessarily. In most cases you will apply it with a sponge rather than your hand, and if you have purchased a concealer kit there should be some powder to use over the concealer which will help to keep it from rubbing off.

 Correct application

Most concealers are very effective, so long as they are used properly. If you do not apply it the right way then you can expect much of it to rub off on your clothing. There are waterproof blends, but they tend to be more expensive. A great way to help waterproof your concealer is to use a hairspray that comes in a pump spray bottle. Again, experiment with different types to find the one that works best on you.

One of the most common concerns relates to the effect these kinds of concealers have on the skin. In most cases this isn’t necessary. Many companies that create a concealer understand the need for skin to breathe, and you will be able to find different formulas that will work better than others. Be sure to experiment freely.

Having gone through some of the many uses and benefits of tattoo concealers you have a better idea of where to begin. Again, always make sure that you practice before applying, and understand the consequences of your use. Those of us who love our “ink” also love to show it off, but there is a time and place for everything. Take the time to find the right kind of concealer for your skin type, and one which matches your own unique skin tone. With practice, you will learn how to apply it quickly and easily, and never again worry about being criticized for your amazing tattoos.

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