The next tattoo removal method we will discuss is laser removal. This is the number one doctor recommended method for removing tattoos. Why? While there is scarring involved, it is minimal. While there is pain involved, it too is minimal in comparison to the other treatments. While there are side effects, these are negligible. The procedure is bloodless and comes with little risk.

removing a tattoo using laserTo remove tattoos, lasers blast short pulses of light on the skin that will be absorbed only by the tattoo pigment. The laser breaks down the pigment which is thereafter removed by means of the body’s immune system. The possible side effects of laser treatment include hyperpigmentation, too much color in the skin, and hypopigmentation, too little color in the skin. Infection is also a possibility as well as a 5 percent chance of scarring. This method can also be costly.

And as to age, some may wonder at what age a person is allowed to get a tattoo removed. In most areas, there is no age limit in this regard, but most doctors’ offices require parental consent. As to the age of the tattoo itself, generally the older the tattoo, the easier it is to remove.

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