Jason Carter – The Tattoo Removal “Expert” Exposed

Jason Carter is a tattoo removal specialist and author/creator of the top selling tattoo removal guide, ‘Get Rid Tattoo Naturally’ (a step-by-step guide on how to remove your own tattoo.)

Being a professional tattoo artist with over 20 years experience Jason Carter is well versed in the options available for removing tattoos. He has assessed both the actual and the perceived strengths of each method but also the limitations. Even more importantly, through his profession he has become acutely aware of the dangers and long term health risks associated with some techniques. He has seen examples of what can happen when people do not have the correct information and he has set out to rectify this. With his clients’ best interests foremost he is eager to share the industry’s best practice with all who want to remove a tattoo which they no longer want.

According to Carter, life took a new turn when he needed to get rid of his ex’s name from his chest and legs. Ever since childhood he had a dislike for going to doctors and preferred natural home remedies instead. This made him want to take things into his own hands so he tested and experimented with many home remedies and skin care methods.

Following months of testing Carter found the answer for effectively removing permanent tattoos and he has compiled his findings in his tattoo removal guide, Get Rid Tattoo Naturally’.

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