Is Wrecking Balm Effective For Tattoo Removal?

What it offers

It seems that a new product is introduced for the removal of tattoos every time we turn around.  Wrecking Balm is another such product.  It promises to fade our tattoos in about 4 to 6 weeks by using a three-step process that takes approximately 3 minutes to complete and is done every other day.  However if the tattoos are deep and / or extensive in area the time could extend to several times that. The point is that nowadays there is an enormous range in the types and conditions of tattoos.

wrecking balm

Wrecking Balm is widely available and can be purchased online or at a variety of brick-and-mortar retailers.   The creators of Wrecking Balm boast that there are no appointments, no prescriptions to buy, no invasive procedures to undergo, and that it can be done in the privacy of your own home.  Of course these things are true of any home tattoo removal product.

No potentially harmful chemicals
One thing that Wrecking Balm has going for it that many other products do not, is that the cream that is provided does not contain any harsh chemicals, such as TCA and hydroquinone.  It is definitely in our best interest to avoid any product that contains these potentially harmful chemicals, as well as others.  Wrecking Balm contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera leaf juice, chamomile flower extract, and shea butter as its primary ingredients.  The rest of the ingredients are all natural too, so there is very low risk of having a negative reaction to the product.  This reason alone makes it a viable choice for those that elect to attempt their tattoo removal at home first.

Recommendations for use

To use Wrecking Balm, it is recommended that the area be free of all hair, and is clean.  The manufacturer does not recommend its use on the neck, face, or genital areas.  It should not be used on sensitive skin, particularly skin that is injured, cracked, inflamed, or otherwise irritated.  It is also not recommended for use on tattoos that are six months old or newer.  It works by using a combination of a pad and cream to remove the outermost layer of skin, very similar to dermabrasion, and helping to dissolve the ink on the surface so that the skin can begin the process of skin cell turnover and renewal.  This is the process of the skin regenerating itself and pushing the next layer of cells that contain the ink to the surface.  Most tattoos can be removed by treating the area over a 6 week period by taking advantage of this process.

Effectiveness depends on conditions

The success of the tattoo removal appears to be affected by several conditions including the age of the tattoo, the depth the tattoo ink has penetrated, and others.  This will cause the final results of the use of the product to vary from person to person, tattoo to tattoo.  However this is also the case with any tattoo removal system, including the medically performed procedures of laser removal, dermabrasion, and surgery.  The fact that a search online will reveal that there are some that claim the system is not that effective, and others that claim it works flawlessly, is more a testament to the difficulty everyone faces in trying to remove a tattoo regardless of the means used, than a reason not to give the product a chance.


The product costs around $60 to $65, more for the larger kits. However with prolonged use this cost can add up in time resulting in an expensive solution for your tattoo removal. So whilst it may seem initially to be a cost effective option that may not necessarily be the case. The cost for the medically performed procedures can range from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. If the medical procedure results in a scar and you desire to have the scar removed at some point, then that will ultimately push the costs for the removal of the tattoo even higher. And even if it becomes necessary to purchase more than one kit, the cost will be far less than the cost for the medical procedures but there is another (and better) alternative.

Considerable savings can be made by making your own natural tattoo removal cream from household ingredients which you may already have or can easily obtain at local stores or online. To read a review of this method Click Here. By the way, being completely natural this method has no side effects.


Wrecking Balm is a relatively safe option to choose.  Using it does not share the risk of pain, skin discoloration, and even scarring that the medically performed procedures do have.  The way it feels is described as being similar to running very fine sandpaper over the skin.  It tingles a bit, but does not hurt.  In fact, many of the natural ingredients contained in Wrecking Balm are ingredients many of us use to promote healthy skin and to slow the aging process.  This gives the product the potential to have an impact in improving the quality of the skin in the area of the tattoo that is being removed.

Low risk of side effects

Considering the cost effectiveness of the procedure, the low risk of any side effects, and that the Wrecking Balm product has been shown to work for many people, it is definitely worth trying out.  There is no harm in postponing a medically performed tattoo removal a couple of months to see if this, less invasive process would work for you.  There is a 100% money back guarantee on the product, so if you do try it out and it doesn’t work for you, you will not even be out of pocket for the cost of the original purchase.

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